Make sure you are prepared for Le Grand Depart!

Roads around Langsett on the Tour de France route will be closed for almost 24 hours ready for when Le Grand Depart visits near our area.

The principal route, via Woodhead Pass from the Holmfirth road, to the Flouch roundabout, through Langsett to Mortimer Road at Midhopestones, will close from midnight on July 5 until late evening on July 6.

Mortimer Road, Gilbert Hill and Windle Edge will also be closed and on-street parking will be banned other roads.

Full details will not be published until nearer the event but what council officials call a “robust traffic management plan” is being developed to ensure disruption to businesses and residents is minimised wherever possible.

Estimates from 50k to 100k of visitors are expected in the week up to this big weekend of 5/6th July. People should ensure they arrive early so that they are at a good vantage point on the roadside for up to six hours.

The race is expected through the Langsett area between just after 3pm and 3.45pm depending on speed. A parade of 180 sponsors’ floats caravan will drive through some 90 minutes earlier, distributing souvenirs.

A map showing the route, parking, accommodation and other arrangements in the area is available on the council’s Tour web site.

Le Grand Depart