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Phase 2 DRANSFIELD Development on St Mary St, Penistone may start in April 2013!

Watch this space, but according to Dransfield the funding has now been approved to allow them to start work on the phase 2 development which will see new mixed use retail, business and office space down St Marys Street, opposite the Royal British Legion.

You can see what is planned on their website here

There is just one minor problem to resolve involving highways requirements, but I am told they hope to being initial works from April 2013.

Fingers crossed! As I understand it, there is a lot of interest from businesses in these new retail, and mixed use and also some interest too in the new planned managed work office space.

It is great to see Dransfield invest with this new development for the benefit of the economy in Penistone.

I do hope they are able to resolve the minor highways issue and begin work.

I can’t wait to see the improvements this will bring to the business economy in Penistone.

We can be proud to see that not one town centre shop is not taken up now, and these new facilities will encourage much more economic investment, securing more jobs and business in Penistone!

Northern Powergrid have begun much needed work in Penistone Community

I am delighted to see that Northern Powergrid have begun work on replacing some of the ageing infrastructure throughout Penistone, Millhouse Green and Thurlstone.

Much of the overhead lines will be replaced with new underground power cables.

Some disruption is to be expected, but this will secure the sustainability of provision of power throughout our community.

Northern Powergrid are also providing a new substation into the town centre of Penistone to provide sufficient additional power for the future demands of the economy of our town.

Take a look at this link to see what they are doing

For more detail have a look here at what is happening in your area

It is great to see new and much needed investment in Penistone West!

Buckingham Care Home Nursing Care review.

I have been investigating recently concerns from residents whose family members are staying in Nursing Care at Buckingham. Due to the low numbers of patients referred by the local authority to Buckingham Care Home for “Nursing Care” the Care Home was reviewing whether they could continue to sustain the provision of specialist nursing care.

The Buckingham Care Home are fully booked for patients referred for “Residential Care” and also receive patients for Intermediate and Respite Care.

However, for some reason the NHS and local authority referrals into the Buckingham Care Home have tended to only be for residential care instead of nursing care.

I escalated for support within BMBC and the teams involved in referral of patients and they have now reviewed their referral patients and reassessed some more for nursing care.

I hope that this will mean more patients are referred to this great new facility in Penistone.

Pot Holes in Penistone West!

With all the bad cold and wet weather we have had this winter it has taken a toll on the roads in Penistone West!

I have urged BMBC Highways to visit Halifax Road, near Ingbirchworth, High Street in Penistone, and also Chapel Lane Penistone to repair the large potholes which have appeared.

Let me know of any other big potholes in your area. Or you can email direct to BMBC Highways on

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