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Penistone Town Council Community Led Plan Update

It has taken two years of planning, engagement, and support but we are now close to finalising the plan following the large amount of feedback received from the questionnaires which we processed.

This will now allow us to present a prioritised view of what the community wants to see happen in the Penistone community.

Many volunteers are involved in the final stage, which will end in a publication of a CLP (Community Led Plan) for the community of Penistone, hopefully by June 2013.

Pressing for the Dransfield Phase 2 development

I know many of you are wondering what is happening with the land down St Marys Street, in Penistone, opposite the Royal British Legion.

I have been regularly escalating with BMBC Planning and so has my colleague Cllr Steve Webber, deputy Mayor of Penistone. We have also been escalating when things are going to start with the developer Dransfield Properties who are based at Tankersley.

We have asked them to tidy up the area, whilst they finalise funding from Europe to support the development.

I am hoping that they may start work early in 2013. Apparently it is just down to the European funding being approved, and resolving the method of access, currently via Back Lane via the Market.

I do feel that with the planned mixed use of shops, and other services along with managed office space on the top floor this will be a great development for Penistone.

Andrew Millner

Barnsley MBC,
Yorkshire House,
Shambles Street,
Barnsley S70 2SW


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