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The 140th Penistone Agricultural Show committee said Politics is dull and banned from the Show.

It is a shame that the various political groups were not encouraged to have a stall at this year’s 140th Agricultural show on Saturday 8th September. It seems that they consider politics is boring. The trouble is not much happens in your life which is not impacted by political decisions, so it is a shame we are not getting the message through to make it seem much more interesting to all.

Also, whilst I attended on the day for Penistone FM Community Radio, and managed to stroll around to meet some people there was no opportunity for people to engage properly with their elected representatives.

In these busy days we all have, a chance to hold your elected representative to account for a decision made is made less easy when you cannot engage in public debate at a forum like the Agricultural show.

Let’s hope we might convince a change in policy for next year, as with the local elections coming up in 2014 it would be an excellent opportunity for people to see who they might be considering voting for. Better still it would offer them a chance to let the proposed candidates hear their views.

Looks like the Water Mains works are finally coming to and end in Penistone Town Centre

Whilst I am still seeing a number of other road works, I am pleased that Balfour Beatty completed the essential Yorkshire Water works in the Town Centre prior to the opening of the 140th Penistone Agricultural Show, which was a terffic success.

These water works will ensure that Penistone now has a modern water mains system, and given the further proposed residential housing expansion in the Barnsley LDF then that is a good infrastructure development complete.

Andrew Millner

Barnsley MBC,
Yorkshire House,
Shambles Street,
Barnsley S70 2SW


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