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Planning for new stable electrical supplies in Penistone Town Centre

I am making progress engaging with Northern Powergrid to provide a sustainable power supply for the Penistone Town Centre, but also for the community around Penistone.

Hopefully I will have more news soon! Watch this space.

Great turnout at the Penistone “Mayoress at home” event in St Johns Church today!

I have just returned from a well organised lunch with excellent entertainment provided by up and coming Jazz quartet “Us and Them” performing. Rob Cooper and Sam Reid performed as part of the quartet with a guest bass player. An excellent sound.

We heard from Ward 19 of BDGH; the Dementia Ward; which is one of the charities chosen by Mayor and Mayoress of Penistone Cllr Steve and Lynette Webber. We also heard from the Woodhead Mountain Rescue team.

I also managed to mention the great work of Penistone FM which seemed to go down well with the audience.

A most excellent lunch was served by many people and thanks to the Church catering team for all their efforts. The food was excellent. About 60 attended this charity event and a good amount was raised by the event and the raffle. It seems that Penistone Ladies Circle members did well too from the raffle and chose most of the wine which they enjoyed with their meal.

I will pick them up later!

Well done to all who turned up at the event!

Stable power supplies, finally, in Penistone Town Centre

I met with Ian Stewart and Peter Flack of Northern Powergrid last week, and it was a most useful meeting.

I had, over the past month, escalated the issue of a number of repeated power failures in the Penistone Town Centre area and also some other power failures within the community of Penistone.

I was told that Northern Powergrid have replaced a faulty lower voltage power cable connected to the substation near the “Loft” Cafe which provided power to many shops in the town centre; with a new higher capacity low voltage cable which they overlaid over the faulty cable.

This was completed about 7 days or more ago, and since then power in the town centre has been stable – Great news to all the businesses in the town centre who have been plagued by long power failures for the past 18 months or so.

In the meantime, their senior design team will be planning some other mitigating works which will look at improving supply disruptions to our overhead high voltage cables and to provide additional contingency supplies into the town centre to cope with new demand as the town is developed.

Also Northern Powergrid plan further long term improvement works to upgrade some of the substations in the community.

I found Northern Powergrid to be most pro-active when I met them and I look forward to seeing all the planned new works improve our community when they are rolled out!

I have invited Northern Powergrid to run a community meeting soon once they finalise their plans for our community. I will let you know when this will happen.

Great news about the Buckingham Residential Care Home in Penistone!

I popped up today for an hour to visit the amazing new Residential Care home being completed next to the St Johns Junior School

Whilst there, I spoke with Wendy Conn who is managing the completion of the new building.

Subject to snagging issues, I understand the new facility with 10 NHS intermediate care beds, will be open on 14th May 2012.

I am really proud to have been involved in ensuring Penistone will be provided with what looks to me to be an excellent private residential care centre, with intermediate care available too for the local people in the community of Penistone!

Penistone Market is now glazed, just the door facing Tesco to be installed soon

Well, I do hope that the works to provide a proper Penistone Market conclude soon. I am told that within the next 4 weeks the new door facing Tesco will be installed which will further reduce the wind in the new Market.

I am sure that those of you who have visited this great new facility within the last two months will have seen some substantial improvements.

Now we just need to get it used more regularly!

New Squareabout in Penistone finally seems to be settling down

Well after some weeks have passed, it seems that the new squareabout has now been adopted by everyone.

I thought I would jot down a few reasons for the Squareabout happening and to update all on the position

The main reasons for introducing the one way system

1. 4 significant traffic incidents in the last 18 months of pedestrians being knocked down when crossing the junction at Shrewsbury Road by the chip shop, as vehicles reversed back to let HGV’s and buses onto Shrewsbury Road. 2 people were hospitalised

2. HGV’s ripping off the downpipes and some side of walls as they struggled to turn left onto Shrewsbury Road

3. HGV’s using non commercial SAT NAVs turning left at HSBC and then trying to go down Church St as a short cut then having to reverse back. This used to occur daily. The HGV’s also used to flatten barriers on Church St whilst reversing and caused mayhem whilst they did this

4. Buses unable to turn tight left onto Market Place by the toilets and blocking Market Place as a result

5. Queues forming on Market Street up to High Street and down St Marys Street, because inconsiderate motorists would not back up Shrewsbury Road to let an HGV driver turn left onto Shrewsbury Road.

Since the one way system has been in place

1. The barricade is to stop those who don’t take any notice of the seven signs up Shrewsbury Road telling them it is a one way system and still keep driving all the way up Shrewbury Road. Note that it is removable. I will come to that later

2. Some incosiderate drivers still insist on parking right outside the HSBC to go to the cash machine. Their attitude seems to be. It won’t take a minute, or I’ve done this for the past umpteen years, and I will be damned if some council worker is going to make me change my ways. As a result vehicles are unable to queue in two lines (turn left, turn right). Hopefully this will be policed or traffic wardens will intervene. If the problem continues, I will escalate it.

3. The number of HGV’s travelling down Church St has completely declined.

4. There are additional parking places half on half off the pavement opposite the Paramount. Traffic down Shrewsbury Road is no different to before.

5. The facility has been built in such a way that if in 6 months time it is found to be no better than what was before we can reverse it

6. There will be a facility by the removal of the barricade and under police control to allow 2 way traffic on Shrewsbury Road, when Market Place is closed for Lights switch on and Rememberance Parade.

7. Additional car parking spaces are available  an extra 3 in fact, as there are now 4 spaces on Church Street ouside Hacketts.They used to be single and double yellow lines down Church St there.

Andrew Millner

Barnsley MBC,
Yorkshire House,
Shambles Street,
Barnsley S70 2SW


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