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Work on the new “Squareabout” one way system in Penistone has begun

Well, some of you may be wondering what is happening in Penistone Town Centre right now.

The work has been planned for months, and advertised in the Barnsley Chronicle and on Penistone FM, as well as advertised under a new TRO (Traffic Regulation Order).

Preparatory work has begun installing new posts to eventually provide signage to dictate the one way route.

Here is what is going to happen.

If you travel up from the roundabout up St Mary’s Street and wish to turn to go to Springvale then you will no longer be able to turn left at the HSBC junction. You will continue along Market Street and turn left onto Shrewsbury Road at the junction with Wards Fish and Chip Shop.

Shrewsbury Road will become One Way from the chip shop junction towards roughly near the entrance to the Post Office. From there Shrewsbury Road will revert to two way operation. You simply continue along Shrewsbury Road down past the Cinema as normal.

If you wish to visit the St Johns Community Centre, or you need to access the businesses or homes on Church Street then after turning left onto Shrewsbury Road by Ward’s Chip shop, you will then turn left on the new one way road on Market Place before bearing right onto Church Street.

If you travel from Springvale up past the Cinema and wish to get onto Market Street, or to visit Barnsley then you will approach a give way roughly by the Post Office, where you then turn right onto Market Place and continue round the one way system up to the junction with HSBC. You can then turn left or right to continue.

The one way section of the road will only be from Shrewsbury Road junction, left onto Market Place past the public toilets, then left again past the back of Clark’s Chemists up to the junction with HSBC Bank

I hope that explains it!

As a result of these changes, the car park facility outside HSBC Bank will move to outside the side of Clark’s Chemists and we will lose one car parking space. There will also be some changes made to parking restrictions outside Hacketts florist down Church Street.

The main reason for this work happening is to stop HGV’s from going down the short cut along Church Street, but also to improve the road access from Market Street onto Shrewsbury Road. There have been a number of instances of gutters being damaged at this junction with HGV’s turning, and also some issues of pedestrians being knocked down at the Shrewsbury Road junction.

Good to see the new Penistone Market finally being glazed!

Work is well underway, at last, with glazing most of the new Penistone Market.

About time too, I hear you argue!

Very true. We told BMBC over a year ago before the market was built to ensure glazing was installed to cut down on the wind. Due to various issues with warranties about the wooden building flexing and damaging the glazing it was never installed.

Throughout 2011 since the market opened, it has been windy!

At last an alternative approach to glazing was proposed and approved and if you visit Penistone Town Centre now, you should see a lot of the glazing installed.

I understand the work should finish by the end of January. Let’s hope so! The traders will appreciate the less windy trading conditions, that’s for sure!!

Andrew Millner

Barnsley MBC,
Yorkshire House,
Shambles Street,
Barnsley S70 2SW


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