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Dransfield Phase 2 development approved for Penistone Town Centre!

Recently BMBC Planning Board voted to approve the 2nd phase of the Dransfield led development of Penistone Town Centre.

The area of land down St Marys St, opposite the Royal British Legion is going to be developed into a new retail, and managed office space utility.

Work will begin soon which should see the completion of the 2nd phase in 2012. Take a look at their website for more details.

Whilst I have some concerns on access via Back Lane, Highways and Planners approved that method of access. I look forward to seeing the investment in new jobs for the town, and more business development opportunities in Penistone.

Let’s see what happens now for the “Coal Drops” and the area off Stottercliffe Lane leading up to the new “It’s for Hire” unit. I understand another developer wishes to develop that area.

If this supports more business facilities, then I will be pleased to see it. We need to see more business invest in Penistone and help secure the econonmy of our community.

Penistone FM Community Radio need votes for Nat West Community Force Funding!

I would appreciate your help in registering on this website and voting for Penistone FM.

Our Penistone FM community radio station are a volunteer led not for profit radio station who need funds each year to keep them running, as they cannot operate through advertising alone. This is how the commercial radio stations are protected.

A Community Radio station can only obtain 50% of their funding through advertising with the remainder being through fund raising and grants such as the possibility of winning this one from Nat West Community Force Fund.

Please take a look, and vote for Penistone FM!

Choosing a new name for the new “Green Park” residential Care Home in Penistone

Wendy Conn from the LADHAR Group has engaged the support of St Johns Junior School to ask them to come up with a new name for the new residential Care Home in Penistone. This exciting new facility should be open by end April 2012.

That’s a great way to involve the young people, and I look forward to finding out the winning name!

Here is a link to their website, and you can see some of the original design proposals.


Possibility of Wireless Radio Broadband for our rural communities!

I arranged for a business group to attend Penistone Town Council meeting last Monday to present their plans to conduct a survey to deliver wireless radio broadband service to the communities not being served by the Digital Region initiative which I mentioned in an earlier blog.

Don’t hold your breath in case it comes to nothing, but …

Penistone Town Council are planning to support their survey plan to investigate whether they might be a cost effective solution. They are also accessing some DEFRA funds so hopefully this might come to something. I also hope that BMBC may also offer their support too.

I understand the cost maybe something in the region of £30-35 per month for the service. I will keep an eye open for further developments!

Looks like new high speed Broadband is on its way to Penistone West!

Well for those of you who have been wondering when we might get increased broadband speeds following the Digital Revolution initiative, I understand that by the end of October you should see a public launch of high speed broadband of up to 40mb in our area.

Keep your eyes peeled for the news released.

I understand the companies providing high speed broadband include:

and also

Let me know how you get on, but it seems promising with one firm suggesting up to SDSL service of up to 40mb.

Now I have been hearing of initiatives for wireless extended broadband services in the more remote areas of our community. When I hear more I will let you know!


Warm sunshine spreading a good feeling in my neighbourhood!

What a difference a couple of warm days make!

Let’s enjoy them while we can!

I had a great BBQ with my neighbours last night and some great wine too! It’s great to unwind.

As I post this blog it is 24 degrees outside. A record for October.

Well, I’m told that we are going to have a harsh winter!

Just as well we as Councillors have managed to purchase 16 extra tonnes of salt grit for our area…just in case! Oh and look out for the snow blowers too! A new facility purchased by your Councillors to improve our footpaths in the town and main streets!

I haven’t switched my heating on  yet. Need to keep saving up for the likely cold weather. So just enjoy the warm whilst it lasts. Could be up to a week!

Penistone Leisure Centre

An example of the big society in effect! Barnsley council have given 6 months to a voluntary group to make a go of our community leisure centre. I wish them luck!

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